“One should hold one’s body, neck and head erect in a straight line and stare steadily at the tip of the nose…”- Bhagavad Gita 6.13

Vedic Roots of China and Japan (Trade & Commerce)

There can be little dispute that trade was the main motivation for these early contacts. This is supported by finds of beads and pottery, in addition to specific references in historical texts. By the early centuries of the Christian era, Sino-Indian trade appears to have assumed considerable proportions.

Vedic Roots of China and Japan (Bhaarat: Teacher of China)

The cultural relations between India and China can be traced back to very early times. There are numerous references to China in Sanskrit texts, but their chronology is sketchy. The Mahabharata refers to China several times, including a reference to presents brought by the Chinese at the Rajasuya Yajna of the Pandavas; also, the Arthasastra and the Manusmriti mention China.

Ancient indian mathematics

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Calculus has been discovered for the first time, almost 250 years before Sir Isaac Newton, who has been credited with the discovery of the Calculus. These claims with proof were appeared in different news papers world over . It appears as per the report, the Manchester University has uploaded these claims in their website during the 13th of August, 2007.

Sanskrit Language: The Most Scientific, Ancient, Spiritual - 1

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Yoga Retreat "The Land of Himalayas" Rishikesh 2010

At a foot of the Himalayas, in an ancient city of yogis - Rishikesh, in 2010 has taken place Yoga Retreat - "The Land of Himalayas", together with John Favors Institute. Prior to the beginning of the main actions some of participants have gone to pilgrimage to sources of the sacred Yamuna River - "Jamunotri".

Yoga Art and Science (Ten minute videoclip)

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